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The Sindal Report, Spring 2014. Vol. 3, No. 1:

We are pleased to invite readers to explore the unique content in the newly designed, expanded edition of The Sindal Report.
In our Spring 2014 issue, we are proud to bring in-depth reporting you will not find anywhere else.
We will introduce you to Renewable Energy Affiliates (USA), a USA-South African joint venture harnessing and producing renewable energy initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa.
If your company is looking into the European smallscale renewable energy market, then you will want to showcase your company at the New Energy Husum 2015. The Sindal Report provides the information you need to participate in this must-attend trade fair, which showcases distributed generation technologies.  

The Spring 2014 issue at a glance:
The Sindal Report go Solar! We bring a unique look into the maintenance of fiberglass rotor blades, asset management for commercial PV plants, off-grid power solutions for emerging markets, new Danish innovation in small wind turbine technology, Africa’s energy situation and, of course, our usual look at wind turbine production data from 5,484 turbines installed in Denmark and Sweden.
Fiberglass Blades Last Forever-Or Do They?
A comprehensive look at wind turbine blades and maintenances reported by Danish Wind Turbine Owners’ Associations Technical Consultant Strange Skriver, one of the wind industry’s most respected independent technical consultants.
Emerging Markets and renewables
Dennis Williams of Williams Power Systems takes our readers to the real world of off-grid PV solar and wind power technologies. An engaging account of the role distributed renewables can play in emerging markets from a person whose job it is to find the best and most economic off-grid power solutions for his clients,
Asset Management for Commercial PV Plants
With the increasing global development of commercial PV solar plants, Jesse Royer provides an in-depth look at asset management for larger solar plants.
Viewpoints On Africa’s Energy Situation
Martin Dam-Sørensen reports from Ethiopia on unique solutions to Africa’s energy issues.
New Danish Innovation in small wind turbine technology
Denmark is the place to go for wind turbine technology innovation. The Sindal Report takes a closer look at the Danish company, Independent Wind Power, and its small wind turbine technology FALKEN. We introduce you to the owner and developer of the technology, Arne Johansen, and the discussions he has had with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

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The Sindal Report, March 2013. Vol. 2, No. 1:

We report from InfoCast Wind Power Finance and Investment Summit, looking at the US Wind energy market from a different perspective.
“The PTC roller coaster is very detrimental to the market,” said Tristan Grimbert, CEO of EDF Renewable Energy. One of many voicing concern over the vagaries of the US wind energy tax credit.

Are MLP’s the new avenue for investment? CEO Paul Gaynor from First Wind thinks they could be a real, practical, winning solution.

The challenge everyone is talking about is the influence of the gas market. Read in this issue what Ed Kelly, vice president of North American Gas Consulting, explains.

It is well known that the production tax credit was extended at the last minute. The big question now is: What are the challenges of construction start deadlines.

The IRS has set an internal deadline for the end of March to issue guidance on those deadlines. Keith Martin, a Washington based partner in the law firm Chadbourne & Park LLP, told the delegates. Download and read our detailed report in the current issue of The Sindal Report.

First wind PPA for Bangladesh announced. A USA consortium has signed a PPA with Bangladesh Power Development Board for a 60 MW Bay of Bengal wind project.

In our wind turbine statistics, we report production data from 6,074 turbines ranging in size from 25 kW to 6 MW.

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The Sindal Report, December 2012. Vol. 1, No. 4:

Canada’s wind energy sector moving forward at an aggressive pace.
While the US market is facing an 80% drop in new installations in 2013 and European and Chinese growth is slowing, Canada’s wind energy sector is moving forward at an aggressive pace.

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The Sindal Report, September 2012. Vol. 1, No. 3:

Here in September 2012 the US wind developers are rushing to get as many projects in the ground as possible and before the PTC expected December 2012 expiration.

During a spring 2012 financial and investment summit, we listen to a fascinating speech presented by Edward Einowski, Partner at Stoel Rives, LLP; and it is our great pleasure to bring the report on the subject Who will be the players going forward?

Wind turbine capacity factors appear to  be improving despite decreasing wind from 2007 up through 2010, wind turbine capacity factors (CF)  derived from land-based wind turbines in The Sindal Report’s  database indicate improving performance.

All 4,100 turbines used for this brief study are installed in Denmark and Sweden.

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The Sindal Report, June 2012. Vol. 1, No. 2:

The Danish Supreme Court takes a principled decision on product liability. We report on an April 2012 Danish Supreme Court judgment.

New industries make their presence know at WINDPOWER 2012. We report on AWEA’s WINDPOWER 2012 show in Atlanta, which was both interesting and somewhat depressing.

We report from new wind energy frontiers―South Africa outlook. South Africa is the emerging wind energy superpower of the African continent and the country is addressing a number of challenges in its energy sector.

Take a minute to walk through the wind production statistics from over 6,000 wind turbines ranging in size from 25 kW up to multi-megawatt machines—both onshore and offshore.

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The editorial content in

The Sindal Report, March 2012. Vol. 1, No. 1:

Will the US wind power industry expand in a transitional power market?

The US power market is in a midst of a comprehensive transition, which is a natural development, or should be. Today, approximately 40% of US electricity is supplied by coal-fired plants. Many of those plants are ready for retirement or will be pushed closer to it by new environmental regulations. Natural gas prices are at their lowest in a decade, at around $2.30/MM Btu, driven there by a huge boost in supply as new extraction technologies unlock enormous shale gas deposits. At the same time, the US has seen its lowest electricity consumption in 15 years. Where does wind energy fit in this changing landscape?

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