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Anne-Marie Howe
Anne-Marie Howe
Peter Sindal
Peter Sindal

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Sindal is a consulting firm specializing in international wind and solar energy business development and marketing.

Anne-Marie Howe

Anne-Marie Howe has enjoyed an exciting and educational professional career in the energy sector, serving in a number of high-level executive positions and working in wind energy markets spanning the globe, from the hills of Altamont and Tehachapi in California to the Red Sea.

Anne-Marie started in the renewable energy business in 1981 as chief marketing officer (CMO) for the US sales arm of a Danish wind turbine rotor blade company. During her tenure as CMO at Danish Commercial Energy Research A/S, Anne-Marie developed and implemented the company’s global marketing and sales strategy, positioning the company and their products as a market leader by selling more than 18,500 rotor blades to the then-nascent industry. She also sat on the company’s board.

During her career as independent consultant, Anne-Marie has created global marketing strategies for various companies and organizations, carried out wind energy feasibility studies for municipalities in Sweden, solved transport logistic challenges in Egypt for a Danish blade manufacturer, and acted as a sub-consultant to a Danish government entity planning energy programs for Southern Africa.

Anne-Marie has spent the greater part of her professional career in the US and Canadian marketplaces, and with her extensive technical and professional background in both the European and North American wind energy sectors, Anne-Marie provides clients with an invaluable bridge between markets.

Anne-Marie also serves as a board member for the Danish Poul la Cour Foundation.

Peter Sindal

Peter Sindal is the company’s senior policy advisor. In that capacity, Peter provides Sindal clients with insightful market and policy analysis and advice on commercial frameworks for business development.



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