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Global Wind Supply Chain Update 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9928979-1-8

From the FTI-CL Energy’s advisory team
Feng Zhao, Aris Karcanias, Athanasia Arapogianni and Victor Musuku

The Global Wind Supply Chain Update 2015 examines the supply chain situation for 12 key components (350+ suppliers) and three key materials (150+ suppliers), which account for more than 95 per cent of a wind turbine’s total cost. In addition to the specific components and materials, the report also includes an assessment of offshore wind farm balance of plants.

The Global Wind Supply Chain Update 2015 takes the reader through a summary of supply chain strategies for the world’s top 15 turbine OEMs including a complete supply chain assessment of key components.

Last but not least, this report gives you the first peak into FTI-CL Energy’s forecast of global wind market growth through 2018.

This report contains indispensible information for your strategic development opportunities in the Americas wind space.

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